The Animators Bootcamp consists of a total of 16 two hour classroom sessions with master animator Dan Kuenster showing you step by step how to animate. As we finish each DVD they will be added to the site and be for sale. We will be continually adding free mini-lessons for you to watch as we go so check back often.

Intro to Dan Kuenster's Animation Bootcamp
Disc 1
Intro to Animation & Squash and Stretch
Dan outlines the basic concepts and tools for getting started with animation. He then animates 2 scenes which demonstrate the key concept of squash and stretch.
Disc 2
Velocity and Spacing
Dan animates 2 scenes which demonstrate the key concepts of velocity and spacing.
Disc 3
Stretch and Snap
Dan outlines how to add snappiness to your animation. He then animates 4 scenes which demonstrate the key concept of stretch and snap.
Disc 4
Line of Action and Successive Breaking of Joints
Dan animates 3 scenes which demonstrate the key concepts of line of action and successive breaking of joints. He recaps the previous lessons.
Disc 5
Torque and Reversals
Dan outlines the basic concepts of Torque and reversals He then animates 3 scenes which demonstrate the key concepts involved.
Disc 6
Overlapping Action
Dan outlines the basic concepts of overlapping action, secondary action, and follow thru He then animates 4 scenes which demonstrate the key concepts involved.
Disc 7
Arcs & Inbetweening
Dan shows how to plot out arcs in your animation and properly inbetween them using the point system.
Disc 8
Takes, Blinks & Basic Acting
The concepts of takes and extreme extremes are explored. Dan also goes into the basics of blinks and shows how to plot out a long acting scene.
Disc 9
Silhouette, Forced Perspective and Advanced Follow Thru
In this dvd dan explores how silhouette can be used to make a clear statement with your animation. He shows how to use perspective in your scenes and looks into more examples of follow thru and overlap.
Disc 10
Acting and Pose Tests
Dan outlines how to approach basic acting and creating emotional storytelling drawings. He shows how to effectively pose out a scene.
Disc 11
Walks and Runs
Walks and Runs are explored in this key DVD. Dan animates a run, a perspective walk, a run into camera in perspective, and he examines tail wave action in a mouse scurry.
Disc 12
Bird Flight and Group Animation
Dan shows how to create a bird flying cycle and then apply it to a panning scene. He then explores how to create interesting group animation with a number of crowd scenes.
Disc 13
Planning and executing Pans
Dan goes over the tools and techniques for creating panning scenes. He animates 4 scenes illustrating how to plot out a schematic of your pan and then execute it. A number of pan types are covered.
Disc 14
Basic Dialog
The basic concepts of dialog are examined. How to plot dialog accents, read a track breakdown and plot the key phonemes to use are all covered.
Disc 15
More Advanced Dialog
Dan covers more on using squash , stretch and snap in dialog. He shows how to use dialog in a basic scene and to incorporate accents and simple acting with the dialog.
Disc 16
Acting and Dialog
Dan takes dialog to the next level and illustrates using it in acting scenes with 4 scenes with different memorable characters.